About me

My continuous goal is to create characters with presence, depth and sensitivity, thus participating in creating relevant and touching films and theatre wich leaves a permanent and changing impression.

My personal disposition is positive, extrovert, engaged and creative.

My spoken English is fluent without Danish accent – although I do like to work with dialects and accents.

My danish is fluent, as it is my native tongue.


Name: David Trappaud Rønne

Playing age: 28 – 38

City: Copenhagen, Denmark

Eyes: blue

Hair: Wavy – medium blond

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 89 kg

Pants/jeans: 33

Jacket: 50/52

Shirt: 44

Contact: david@david-trappaud.com or +45 26 732 733


I am an educated actor from the Stanislavskij-based Film and Theatre School Holberg in Copenhagen.

I have participated in several method-acting workshops hosted by Lotte Arnsbjerg and I have studied the Lee Strasberg Method with Tony Greco in New York.

I have studied Sanford Meisner Technique at the Theatre School Ophelia.

Jeg have attended Dubing I+II with Lars Thiesgaard

Jeg have attended “Guns for Actors” with stuntman Klaus Hjuler


Toxic Avenger – Cinemateket

Performance at movie festival


The killer – lead in short


Entertainment program at Danish TV2-zulu

”Don Quixote” at Betty Nansen

Several small parts 

”Bedside Zombie”

Actor in the variety

Commercial for Alka


”Rød Mand gå” by Darlings & Muscles

Fightcoordinator and stunt 

Commercial for Ladbrokers


Commercial for SuperBrugsen

The host

Woman in Water – Teatrical performance


Big Blank

The Professor and The Superhero – Youth performance about physics

“The 7 Killings” Documentry on danish TV2

Police detective and Fight Coordinator on episode 7

”Mirror of Emotions”

Physical performance in Roskilde 2009

“Mille” TV series on Danish DR1

Emergency room doctor

”Man meets Woman”

Participant in a video installation at Kaleidoskop by Holland House


Supporting roles as two ”Johns”  at Pakhus 11 and Holbæk Teater

“The Killing”

Reporter in TV series on Danish DR1


Participant at Gladsaxe NY Teater

“Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens”

Two monolouges as Orville and Paul at Østergades hotel, Århus in connection with World AIDS Day 07.

“Have I none”

Lead role as Jams by Edward Bond at krudttønden 2006

“Anna Pihl”

Police officer – TV series on danish TV2, all seasons

Apart from the above mentioned, I have participated in a number of shortfilms, plays and other projects.


I can juggle balls, rings and clubs and ride a unicycle. I have taught this at schools. I am a black belt martial artist (judo and the japaneese swordmanship kendo and iaido) and have great falling technique. My spoken English is fluent without Danish accent – allthough I do like to work with dialects and accents.

I am married and have three daughters aged 12, 17 and 19.